The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.
— Jacques Yves Cousteau, Oceanographer

This year I've been working on a series of paintings which are directly influenced by living near the sea in Hastings on the south coast of England.

I'm super lucky to have the sea at the end of my street and can see it from my studio window. It's a magical and alluring presence in my life and its influence is evident in my abstract art works. 

it strikes me that there is a powerful connection between this inspirational force and the medium I'm most often drawn to - watercolour paint, which comes alive because of how it combines with water. 

Helen Wells Abstract Art

I love the way the colour mixes with the water on the page and creates unexpected patterns. I love the transparency of it, the ability to build up layer after layer of paint. There’s a wild-childness about watercolour, it doesn’t always do what you want it to do, and I love it all the more for that.

Helen Wells Abstract Art

The Sea and Sky series of paintings I've been working on this year feature this wonderful wild-child watercolour paint as well as acrylic ink & paints and gold paint details.

I love mixing different kinds of medium and paint to achieve patterns and textures, multiple layers and sometimes it creates a total mess, sometimes it creates magic. 

Helen Wells Work in Progress
Helen Wells Work in Progress
Helen Wells Artist work in progress

This new series of paintings is now available in my shop