My artistic practice is informed by the colours and patterns of nature. I’m obsessed by the mind-blowing magic and wonder of the natural world. So when I am feeling stuck, uninspired or blocked I always try and get myself outside.

I live near a beautiful park in Hastings, Alexandra Park. Even though I go there really regularly, I’m still amazed at the new details I discover, the shapes, textures, patterns, silhouettes, colours and layers I find when I take the time to really look. The changing seasons playing out on the flora and foliage. As with most things in life, the more mindful and curious I am, the more I see and discover.

I often take my camera. I then use the photographs I’ve taken as colour inspiration, or reference for shapes and patterns, for experiments in my sketchbook or new art works. Here is a selection of photos from a walk this week. It was a beautiful Autumn morning and the oranges, purples and yellows attracted my attention, the layers on layers, the organic forms and shapes. Watch this space and I’ll share the work I’ll create which is inspired by this Autumnal wonderland.