Sometimes you have to stop doing and just be. Creativity can spring from stillness and contemplation, as much as it can from action and endeavour.
— Helen Wells
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This Summer, I've taken a slower than usual, meander through life.

My natural tendency is to do, do, do.  To try new things, to spin fast. To be keen and eager. To be conscientious and hard working. To be busy and whizy and always striving to get stuff done. I'm usually high in energy and I like the feeling of having achieved something new or taken action. I revel in a continual sense of forward momentum, to-do lists, activities, actions, endeavours...

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But at the beginning of the summer I realised I was feeling a little washed out and worn out. A little too tired. A little less energetic and energised than usual. So,  I decided to give myself permission to take life at a gentler, slower pace, to replenish my reserves and respond to the natural ebb and flow of my energy levels.  I've allowed myself to take my foot off the gas a little and work a little less and relax and rest a little more. 

I've engineered a little more space in my life and carved out a little more me time. I've said no to more things than usual, and gone to bed earlier and read books and rested. I've organised and tidied my studio. And played about with paint and experimented just for the joy of experimentation. I've drawn and painted in my sketchbook. And I've found this little leisurely lull has done me the world of good. I am now feeling more energised and energetic and more raring to go, just by doing a little less, and forcing myself to enjoy life at a slightly more leisurely pace, I have more ideas and more get up and go.

During my slightly slower summer I have also been thinking, pondering, musing and mulling away in the background about the online class on Expressive Sketchbooks I am developing. I was hoping that I would have finished it by now, but I haven't. I apologise if you have been awaiting its arrival. 

I don't yet know when I will launch the finished course. It has been taking me longer than i thought, and I've decided that this is not a bad thing. It's a good thing to let it mature and develop and come into being without an enforced or arbitrary deadline.

I want it to be the best course I can make it and for me that means it may take longer than I hoped. I've decided I'm okay about it taking longer to spring into life and I hope you are to. If you are interested to know when it does launch into life you can sign up to receive an email here.

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