Creating art is a process of unpacking the things in life which fascinate; a wonderful way to explore obsessions and better understand curiosities.

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Creativity is a process of discovery and exploration. A process of trial and error. A process which can sometimes feel vulnerable, like leaping into the unknown. A process of failures, mishaps and mistakes, but hopefully ones which hold beautiful lessons. A process of discovery and adventure.

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By making art, I have discovered more about my self and the world I inhabit.

It has encouraged me to meet myself on the page, to become clearer on what moves me, motivates me, interests me and lights me up. To follow the threads of my curiosity and weave them together.

The process of creating art has ignited multiple and diverse love affairs for me; my love has burned bright for ancient textiles, feathers, pine cones, seaweed, fossils, found patterns, painted ceramics, fish scales, pigeons, old maps, insects, snow flake structures, leaf shapes, trees, roots, sacred geometry, weeds, patterned rugs, reflections on water, hand embroidery, the moon, tidal patterns, folk art, iridescence....

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I try and not wait for inspiration to find me. Instead I like to go out and find it. And through seeking and hunting, I have indeed found it. The process of making art has helped me to see more wonder and experience more awe. It has helped me to view the world through a lens of enquiry and discovery; to see things anew and with fresh eyes; to be delighted and charmed by the magic of the natural world; to find beauty in the mundane and see the extra ordinary in the ordinary.

I believe that through creating we are able create for ourselves understanding and meaning.

I hope that in some tiny way, that by sharing the joy that art has brought to my life, I may encourage you to think about how you could create a little more space for creativity in your life.

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