helen wells art

Sensory pleasure of making art

There is something about the physicality of creating art which I love. I relish the sensory and tactile nature of mixing the paint, touching the materials, the smoothness of the paper, the physical connection to what is on the page.


I delight in taking something from my head, my heart and making it manifest through my hands.


Inspired by the process

I try to let my art unfurl. To respond to what is on the page, to follow an impulse, embrace the accidental. I use lots of different types of art materials, watercolour paint, pencils, felt tip pens, collaged papers, acrylic paint, graphite pencils, tracing paper, coloured inks. I enjoy the contrast, the juxtapositions, the interplay of colour and shapes, the unusual and the unexpected. The alchemy cabinet of art materials.

Helen Wells Artist

I consciously try and enjoy the process and not be too attached to the outcome. I remind myself that the magical element is often what is happening in my brain rather than what is happening on the page. The beauty can come from what I have learnt, what I have discovered, what I have experienced, not necessarily what I have created.


Part of the joy of creating art is that it helps me to reflect upon the things in life which I am fascinated and curious about.

Creating is a way to follow and explore my fascinations and bring them together on one page.

I’m obsessed by colour, lines, drips, dots, layers, shapes, and the mind blowing awe and wonder of the natural world. I’m fascinated by textiles, fabric, colour and what different colours represent and why we are drawn to certain colours.

Helen Wells Art drawing

In my art, I’m layering both materials and meaning. I’m exploring the patterns of life and how we make a mark in the world by actually making patterns and marks.

helen wells artist